Each standalone smoke detector is a miniature alarm system. When the smoke is detected in the first second the flashing determination state can be replaced. as long as the value reaches the concentration the alarm will be immediately issued which brings more customers more layers of safety.
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  • ►High sensitivity smoke detection.
    ►Exclusive smoke intelligent algorithm 
    ►High sensitivity, zero false alarm, strong anti-interference
    ►With voice prompts and voice alarms functions 4,GSM/GPRS intranet alarm system, support multi-channel alarm, like SMS, central internet, Wi-Fi, 433mlz, NB-LOT etc,to ensure that the alarm is stable and reliable
    ►Support SMS, central remote control and parameter settings
    ►GPRS is real-time online to get the latest working status of the device at any time
    ►Up to 5 groups preset alarm calls, which can be set together with its SMS switch respectively
  • 1,Power: DC9V laminated battery (6F22/9V)
    2,Quiescent current: <10uA
    3,Alarm current : <100mA
    4,Transmitting distance: ≥ 100m (open distance)
    5,Operating temperature: 0° C to +50° C
    6,Relative humidity: ≦95% RH, no condensation
    7,Alarming sound: >80dB
    8,Wireless transmission: 433MHz/1527/330K
    9,Battery low voltage alarm: The alarm will emit wireless low voltage when the battery is under voltage Code, and the battery emits Wireless low voltage code every 24 hours under continuous low voltage
    1. • Datasheet of AI-S441R

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