HD IP surveillance solution

Megapixel HD IP camera solution enables you to upgrade your surveillance system easily, which brings you clear images for video 
recording and playback. It adopts progressive scan technology, support full HD display. The image is much clearer than analog cameras, Which can give you excellent image quality expenrience for your projects.

   DVR surveillance solution

 Based on Linux system, it can provide you a stable and cost-effective solution for your cctv projects. Up to 64ch DVR, it will be very
 easy for installation and can help you handle with large and complicated projects.

   LPR/ANPR camera solution

The LPR/ANPR(License Plate Recognition/ Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras can be used mainly in high speed for traffic and expressway or parking lot places. We have customized LPR/ANPR cameras for your solution even when the vehicles running at very high speed.

   Fisheye & Panoramic camera solution

360 degree panoramic fisheye camera didn't have blind area in the centre. It can be used in the hall, office room,self-service bank and some small indoor area.

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