Employees of AISEEING Sent Books to Pupils in Xinfeng Mountainous Areas County

On March 16, 2013, over 50 volunteers of AISEEING employees participated in the autonomously held charity activities for Children's Day and sent books and stationeries to pupils in mountainous areas of Xingfeng County.
Seeing these delicate books, the children were extremely excited. One student from Grade 4 told the reporter, °I like reading comic books! I just heard of Small Cherry before, but this is my first time to see it".
Seeing the schoolbags, mechanical pencils, writing cases and erasers we have brought here, the children stood in line with excitation and expectation. After they each got a present, they were happy and gave their lovely smile.
Seeing those children's adorable smiling faces, we felt considerably happy and satisfied. The activity was a higher-level love advocacy initiated by us, which made our perspiration and smile interweave a gorgeous movement that would also become the eternal memory in our heart to extend and carry forward love.

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